Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Secret Science Alliance and the Copycat Crook

Davis, E. (2009). The Secret Science Alliance and the Copycat Crook. New York, NY: Bloomsbury U.S.A. Children's Books

Plot Summary:
Julian is new to Mosburg Jr. High and he is determined to not let his ultra nerdiness be known to the other students. He doesn't want a repeat of his being an outcast at his last school. But, he can't hold back his incredible knowledge for long and when he accidentally lets a bit of aeronautical engineering slip in his class, he receives an invitation written in secret code. The invitation was to meet Ben and Greta, fellow aspiring inventors who ask Julian to join them in their secret hideout and invention workshop. Together, the three of them become the Secret Science Alliance (SSA) and create inventions such as a fog gun, curfew counteractor, pneumatic rollerblades, and the Kablovsky Copter, named after their idol, scientist Professor Andro Kablovsky. When Dr. Wilhelm Stringer, head inventor and CEO of Industrail Innovations Incorporated steals the SSA's invention notebook and the SSA goes to get it back, they find that Dr. Stringer has plans to steal a priceless artifact from the Mosburg History Museum. It is up to the SSA to foil his evil plan.

This graphic novel is fantastic. The story is clever and hilarious and the graphics are incredible. The layout of this graphic novel is similar to the adult graphic novels I have read, with a unique layout different from most comics. The book is filled with great diagrams, which provide the reader with a lot to look at and definitely adds interest to the book. Each page is filled with tons of details and descriptions, the reader will have a great time discovering all of these details. The inventions created are imaginative and wonderfully illustrated. I like the added touch of showing the sketches of the inventions shared on paper airplanes or the Hidden-Message-Passer-Pencil. The Secret Science Alliance is a quirky group made up of a nerd, a notorious troublemaker, and a sports jock.

graphic novel

Reading Level:
Ages 9 - 12

adventure, inventions, self-identity

Character Names/Descriptions:
Julian Calendar: new student to Mosburg Jr. High; inventor; member of the Secret Science Alliance
Greta Hughes: student at Mosburg Jr. High; notorious troublemaker; inventor; member of the Secret Science Alliance
Ben Garza: student at Mosburg Jr. High; good at sports; inventor; member of the Secret Science Alliance
Dr. Wilhelm Stringer: famous inventor; constructs evil plot to steal Andro Kablovsky's hat
Professor Andro Kablovsky: famous inventor who lived from 1854 - 1942; idol of the Secret Science Alliance

Three junior high students form the Secret Science Alliance through their love for designing and building inventions. When their design notebook is stolen, they find another inventor's evil plan. It is up to the SSA to stop him.

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  1. The book is AWESOME!!!!!
    i got it from the library and read it 1000 Times!!!