Monday, April 4, 2011

Professional Reading #6

Wilson, E. (2011, February 24). The Kiddie Couturiers. The New York Times.

I looked up each of the designers mentioned in this article and I wonder if it is the trend of the tween designer more than the quality of the clothes that have people flocking to buy their wares. Which then has me wondering, why are we so obsessed with these young prodigies? Is it that we feel younger while enjoying the designs of a 13 year-old or is that their creativity is raw talent, untouched by design schools and the history of design?

I think that it’s fantastic that children are encouraged to be creative and find a passion. But, I have a hard time with parents encouraging their children to step into the limelight at such a young age, especially into a career as cutthroat as fashion design. Of course children’s interests and creative desires should be nurtured, but for everyone else to see and provide input? Most of the tween designers mentioned were able to start their own business through the resources of their parents. It shows incredible devotion to put that much money into a business for your child, but with that money isn’t there a tremendous amount of pressure too? If they are interested in fashion design now, what is the issue with waiting a few years to see their craft grow and develop and invest in them then when they have more of an idea if it is truly what they want to do. I would hate to see these children burnt out on something they enjoy so young in life after being pressured into something by their parents, as we see so often with famous children.

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