Monday, February 21, 2011

Girl's Life Magazine

Bokram, K. (Ed.) (2011, February/March). Girl's Life Magazine.

This magazine is meant for girls between the ages of 10 and 15. It is released six times a year and contains several standard features in each issue. These standard features are on topics such as, fashion, beauty, bodies, boys, life, and exercising. The magazine featured a lot of articles on pop stars and also one on a female athlete. Quizzes, free giveaways, horoscopes, and numerology were also featured in the magazine. Girl's Life also has a website where girls can ask questions or comment on topics.

This magazine had some really interesting articles. The special report section featured an article on girl-on-guy abuse and signs that a relationship is becoming abusive. A very interesting article was on brain functions and why tweenage girls feel certain ways at certain times. There were two articles that stuck out for great reasons, they were both very empowering, one entitled "Love Yourself" discussed 15 ways girls can take care of themselves on a mental and emotional level. The other article was called "Get Up, Stand Up" and gave six suggestions for asserting yourself around your friends. There were also a lot of articles on ways to look cute and what girls can do to make guys like them. These articles were not as empowering as the others, but they did try to send the message that guys like girls who just act like themselves. With the exception of the feature on fashion for different sized bodies, I felt that the full figure girls were lacking representation in the magazine, but alas, that is every magazine for women. I also felt that the fashion choices they featured were rather expensive for tweens.

Reading Level:
Ages 10 - 15

beauty, fitness, fashion, boys, celebrities, advice

Interested in advice on beauty, fitness, fashion and boys? This magazine has it all.

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